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Work experiences
and skills

I worked before in philippines as nanny of 5 years old girl for 1 year
I was taking care of her, like fed food, drank vitamins,took a bathed, teached some basic english
and sometimes i played and sang her a nursery rhymes.
Also i was worked as Housemaid for 1 year at Quezon City Manila
Teasury-Cashier at Mall for 1 year and six months, and Encoder for 6 months.
Now I'm currently working here in Taiwan as a Caretaker.
I'm Taking care an old woman she is 86 years old,
Sometimes I do massage her legs, Go with her at park for walking and exercise
and sometimes I assist her in the garden to plant a herbal.
I'm doing also here a House hold chores like cooking, cleaning the house, gardening, ironing, dishwashing and washing clothes.

I can do multitasking , willing to learn, Hardworking , Honest , and Responsible.
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Specific details

City: Davao City
Age: 29
Marital status: Single
Number of Children: NO
Religion: Christian
Height (cm): 154.9400
Weight (kg): 46
Education: Bachelor
Able to eat pork: NO
Able to drive car: NO
Able to cook chinese food: Yes
Have DH certificate: NO
Working Years In Childcare: 1
Major In: Bachelor of Science in Information Technology
Have passport or not: Yes