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Work experiences
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I currently worked as an Online English Tutor. I taught students from different nationalities already and most of them are Chinese. I have a TESOL and TEYL certification as an English teacher. I also have a neutral native accent. Although I don't have any relevant experience working as a private tutor or nanny, I am confident that I can do the task very well. Growing up in a big family, at a very early age, I was taught to look after my younger siblings and my niece. I am fond of children and can get along with them fast. I also love to cook Filipino food and would like to learn Chinese cuisine too. I definitely can be a great addition to your family as I am trustworthy, respectful and polite. I can help your children get better in the English language and guide them with their school tasks.
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Specific details

City: Mati
Age: 24
Marital status: Married
Number of Children: NO
Religion: Catholic
Height (cm): 160
Weight (kg): 75
Education: Bachelor
Able to eat pork: Yes
Able to drive car: NO
Able to cook chinese food: Yes
Have DH certificate: NO
Working Years In Childcare: 1
Major In: Bachelor of Elementary Education - Generalist
Have passport or not: Yes